Uncommon Tools Used by South Austin Locksmiths

South Austin locksmiths can be total life savers at times, especially when they repair your locks. At times we may get stubborn and break our locks by accident due to not having a lot of patience. Thus we will always turn to a locksmith so they can fix it on spot. This may even be a bigger cause when we lose our keys, because if anyone took them on purpose, they can easily enter our homes and take whatever they want. Worse we would put ourselves in danger. Therefore, we call South Austin locksmiths and have them com right away, but do we really notice the tools that they use during the procedure?  Here are the most uncommon ones.

  1. Jack Knife Pick

Every person has seen a jack knife at least once in their life, and may have even owned one. These look similar to the normal pocket knives but they can actually pick a lock. Lately this has been an uncommon tool especially with all the technology that has been increasing within the world. However, it is a tool that they cannot let go of at all; especially since it does the job it needs to and in a correct manner. Jack Knife picks help remove the left over key when it breaks and stays in the lock or even to open your house door then change the key.

  1. Tubular Lock Picks

Tubular lock picks was implemented after the jack knife pick since it was such a big hit among the South Austin locksmiths. It was made to fit in the exact shape of the lock so it can be easier to pick. At times the locks would come in tubular shape which then would be easy to open with another tubular shape. However as the time passed by, the need for these picks were no convenient anymore. And locks were not created in the same shape anymore except a few of them here and there. Thus the need for this slowly declined, while the jack knife pick stayed the same.

  1. Snap Gun

A snap gun is a gun and a lock picker at the same time. This is was when locksmiths started using a little bit of electronic devices, therefore this is considered electronic. This was one of the best electronic devices made for South Austin locksmiths since it can force a lock to open without any key needed. Some people objected anything it would be a bad thing if it fell into the wrong hands, but it is very hard to find and usually only locksmiths have it. It functions with using a rod that is hidden then snaps it out against all the lock pins. Thus making the lock confused and believing there is a key inside. This opens the lock for seconds, thus you will need to be fast enough to get the door or safe opened. This may not usually be done on cards since currently cars have the push key implemented on their systems.