TriboTEX Oil Additive: Treatment for Engine & Oil Automotive, with Nanoparticles

We understood that diesel owners desire a tougher formula than our car treatment to keep their engines running strong. Ready for much tougher conditions than your average Monday morning commuter. Diesels need extra safety for higher engine temps and pressures. Luckily, our research team developed a formulation that performs. Inside the first 500 miles of use, you will see: More power under the hood with the extra git-up-n-go Better fuel mileage so you’re saving money on every trip Strong noises reduction that you will be able to hear in the first a quarter-hour Want to see the test outcomes yourself? Get all their clinical reports on their website:

What Vehicles Is TriboTEX for?

If your vehicle consumes a lot of gas and you don’t feel its efficiency when you drive, maybe due to a decrease in engine performance, then TriboTEX will be a great fit for your vehicle. TriboTEX has been tested to work in all engine types, including gasoline, diesel, turbo, big and small. With test videos on vehicles such as a Ford Mustang, Chevy 1500, Dodge Ram and more others, you can bet that this product will work well for your car…it might be the auto-lubrication solution you’ve been searching for.

Making use of TriboTEX is very easy, it will not take more than 2 minutes throughout your next engine oil change. Simply take away the oil filler cap and inject it the simple to operate syringe. TriboTEX is a cutting edge breakthrough in engine unit finish technology. Conceptually the technology is self-explanatory. The material knowledge however is quite complex; engineered, man-made nanosheets are made to be slick using one aspect and sticky on the other. During normal engine operation, when put into oil, these nanosheets attach to metal surfaces (sticky side down), particle by particle, giving the slick factors facing outward. After 500 kilometers, of normal traveling, internal components are coated with a porous, lubricious tribofilm exhibiting excellent embedibility and engine oil retention. The slippery surface consists of select catalysts, integrated by design, facilitating the formation of a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) cap at the top. Actually these do it yourself assembling coatings were developed for bettering performance of gearboxes under the grueling requirements of wind turbines. The TriboTEX program was designed with 1 million us dollars of research and development support from the National Science Groundwork and NASA.

Made in USA – Contains man made nanoparticles developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, & National Science Foundation
Reverses wear in bearings by building a diamond-like carbon coating
Compatible with all types of electric motor oil and can be used in gas or diesel engines
Improves fuel utilization and reduces engine unit noise
We know you will be delighted, for just about any reason we’ve a 100% satisfaction guarantee
Founded in Pullman, Washington by Pavlo Rudenko, Ph.D., TriboTEX offers a clean lubrication choice. Proprietary nano-sheets were created with specific efficient properties on each side to solve important problems for a variety of consumer and industry stakeholders.

Current formulations improve mechanical output through the use of a self-assembling layer that simultaneously reverses wear and enhances lubricity. Having achieved traction through finalists placements in various business plan competitions (WSU, MIT, UW, LES, RICE, INW) and obtained financing from various corporations including the Country wide Science Groundwork (NSF), Department of Energy (DOE), Hydropower Research Groundwork (HRF), National Aeronautics and Space Supervision (NASA) as well as private money from AutoDesk. TriboTEX is continuing to grow to develop a complex istacated processing process for scaled up manufacturing and delivery product for research organizations as well as professional partners.

You can check what client says and review ” reat Product!!!

I was always using Lucas every time I did an oil change. Now I will be using this every 10 oil changes like its recommended. My car runs smoother then before. I just need to get more for my other cars.”

Currently TriboTEX is pursuing industry partnerships that allows sustained growth and continued success among target consumers markets. With a wide selection of applications, smart protective film-forming formulations produced by TriboTEX can be put into currently available lubricating blends to provide valuable alternatives for the motor vehicle, industrial, and blowing wind power sectors.

Most people have followed these steps and have seemed to testify through reviews and videos to the change in gas mileage and horsepower.

As much as TriboTEX can do wonders to your car, it can also be said that you need more and constant usage of the product to experience an increase in mileage, although it states that you should re-apply after achieving 40,000 miles or next oil change. Nothing comes cheap right? So why not save yourself further costs and repairs by spending on a solution like TriboTEX