Buy and Sell Bitcoin in 2018

Bitcoin has been in the news and discussed by many technological and political leaders. It has made international news with major countries declaring it legal and starting to regulate it including the United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom, Europe and Japan. Bitcoin is an amazing technological innovation enabling the transfer of value over a communications channel. There are many different use cases for individuals to buy and hold Bitcoin. Understanding the job that needs to be done is critical for prioritizing what extensibility to focus on.

When the Bitcoin price goes up and Bitcoin becomes more popular then more charlatans and schemers come out of the woodwork purporting to be bitcoin experts. Sifting the noise to hone in on the signal of an experienced, trustworthy, knowledgeable and credible bitcoin expert can be incredibly difficult.

Bitcoin Security is the foundation upon which all other Bitcoin activity is built upon. In Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast Event 113 with Aaron Voisine, CEO and Inventor of Breadwallet, is interviewed about his innovation with the initial hierarchical deterministic SPV cellular Bitcoin wallet.

Secure Online Transactions

Currently people use credit cards which are insecure for online transactions because the transaction details are reusable. A merchant (or thief) who provides the credit credit card information can make use of those to charge against your accounts. Typically credit credit card businesses cover this kind of scams, but in truth this “price” is normally in fact transferred over to vendors who after that move the price over to customers.

That’s why in theory a business should end up being able to give bitcoin users a price cut… since the level of scams that provides price is certainly no longer presently there. I’ll also add that you get a little bit bit of anonymity when you do not need to provide your name or info to retailers. So spending for pornography would become more discreet for example.


Currently most money has to move traditionally through slow cumbersome systems that can typically add large fees on top. With bitcoin, anyone could become paid and there are no borders or boundaries. This certainly offers advantages in many areas… remittance for example. The savings would become actually higher in the case of remittance if bitcoin was used more widely and did not need to become converted to additional currencies at each end.

Capital settings are another area that fit less than this feature. Some countries need to limit where you can send your money so they can keep your wealth in the nation. But probably you simply wish to keep?

Best Bitcoin Exchanges

The best bitcoin exchanges are built on a solid foundation of bitcoin security. Hundreds of a huge number of dollars of bitcoins possess been dropped from cybersecurity intrusions against bitcoin exchanges. If you use a Bitcoin exchange then you will need to make sure they are honest, trustworthy and proficient.

In Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast Show 124 CEO and Owner of Kraken Jesse Powell is interviewed about working a major Bitcoin exchange, handling the multi-hundred million buck receivership from the failure of MtGox and best Bitcoin security practices.

Bitcoin Merchant Processing

Once you have learned about Bitcoin, figured out how to operate a Bitcoin wallet, acquired and secured some bitcoins then you will probably want to figure out how to earn or spend bitcoins.

In Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast Show 128 Chairman and Owner of Bitpay Tony Gallippi is interviewed about working the premier Bitcoin product owner processorwith tens of thousands of retailers including Microsoft, Virgin Galatic, Shopify, TigerDirect, Namecheap, Newegg and tens of thousands others.

Merchants have every reason to accept Bitcoin using a reputable, solvent and competent product owner processor because there are 0% charges, no PCI compliance costs, no fraud, no chargebacks and all exchange rate risk can be allocated to the product owner processor with daily fiat currency direct build up.